Tuesday, October 14, 2008

10.11.08 Adidas KOTR

The huge crowd before the start of the 5K event

with my officemates Lito (our group's official photographer) and Tina

The NAMRIA Group

After the race where I was able to sustain my pace and endure the heat. No water indeed!

Our Pledge


Nora, the golden girl said...

You're lucky to be running with friends. I could only imagine the fun and the laughter that you share while doing the same passion.

I also ran 5k in the KOTR. Hope to see you in the future races. Will you be joining the VSO Run this Nov. 9?

Nora, the golden girl

ice_one said...

hi nora, thank you for visiting my site. actually our group only see each other before and after the race. we usually meet at the start/finish area. i am not sure if i will register on the VSO Run because my bike group is planning to climb the tagaytay uphills.
i'll add you in my blogroll.
See you soon...